To select the perfect perfume, start by identifying your personal preferences. Then, explore fragrance descriptions to match the mood you desire, paying attention to the notes and type of fragrance mentioned.

“Extrait de parfum” is a professional term referring to the concentration of perfumes. It signifies one of the highest concentration levels in perfume sprays. Our fragrances feature concentrations ranging from 35% to 45%, ensuring a lasting duration of 8-12 plus hours.

The duration can vary significantly due to factors like body hydration and application areas. Typically, perfume lasts around 8 hours on the skin. For optimal results, it’s recommended to apply a combination of sprays on both skin and clothing, as this yields the best fragrance performance.

We provide sample size bottles available for order on our website. This ensures that you can confidently confirm your affection for the fragrance before making a commitment. Additionally, if you decide to purchase a full-size bottle and later have a change of heart, you can receive a refund as long as the bottle remains unopened and the packaging is in the same condition as when it was sent to you.

Our fragrances are entirely cruelty-free and vegan, devoid of animal extracts and untouched by animal testing.

These exquisitely hued fragrances will not leave any marks on your clothing; they serve as mere adornments, enhancing the elegance of the bottles.

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