Spirit: No man’s land
Mood: Wild
Type: Spicy, Amber, Oud

In the bustling streets of urban cities, countless individuals go about their daily lives, unaware of the boundless possibilities that surround them. Enter “The City Dweller” a savior that illuminates the hidden realities within these concrete jungles.

With notes of incense, raspberry, and benzoin tears, this fragrance emerges as a masterpiece crafted by a true wizard. No longer shall you overlook the monotonous routines that govern your existence. Instead, unleash your youthfulness, romp through the city, and revel in all its offerings.

The longevity of this fragrance stretches long like the city walls of an ancient metropolis and projection as great as abundance of water in the ocean. Embrace your lineage and break free from the chains of a mundane routine, allowing “The City Dweller” be your guiding light.

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